My work history is carefully documented in LinkedIn.

I honestly love managing people. I think there are a lot of reasons that people get into management. Some view it as the next step to “get ahead”, and some like the control. I think the best managers are the ones who think of their job as a secret superhero position. In that secret hero position, you help (blatantly, and sometimes quietly) your team members get what they want out of life and their careers. I love that part about my job, and plan to share more about that in the future.

Otherwise, I’m a father of 2, husband, and I have an infinitely long list of interests. A few of them include:

  1. Financial Independence – Having ownership and control over your own financial life is critical to me.
  2. I’m a certified PADI OWSI Scuba instructor. I haven’t been diving much recently, but I do love it.
  3. Surfing in the Pacific Northwest is cold and fun. I’ve done it a few times.
  4. I love reading. I’m quite sure I’ll make a long fiction and non-fiction book list someday.
  5. Everything I drink out of at home is made out of stainless steel. I hate glass as a material, it always shatters.
  6. Hiking in the Pacific Northwest is amazing, we’re spoiled out here for opportunities to get into the outdoors.

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